It is with great sadness for our club that the local AGM is yet again postponed due to “lock down” / COVID-19

Please be aware of which suburbs are in lock down. These restrictions will remain in place until July 29, 2020 unless otherwise notified


To all KPCC members,

On the 1st of July (seems to be the first of the month is our killer) the committee commenced proceedings to notify all KPCC members of the intent to schedule the KPCC AGM for the 20th July through our social media platforms, this ensured a 14 day minimum notice period required under our constitution was met.

The notification to all members advised:

  1. That All positions within the current committee would become vacant and a new committee elected at the AGM.
  2. Anyone interested in becoming a member, or in making a nomination for positions within the leadership team/ committee to advise in writing to
  3. Due to the current and continuing changes caused by COVID-19, this year’s AGM will most likely be conducted in a different format to normal, the leadership team will discuss options and advise all ASAP.

In line with point 3:

The standing KPCC leadership team met and discussed next steps towards the running of the AGM and gain an understanding of the clubs formal options around the constraints due to COVID -19. (See formal options detail below)

With concerns and a low level of comfort around the running an appropriate AGM via Zoom/Skype conference, with very few responses from our members (you) to point 2 above, and the moving guidelines around COVID -19 distancing rules, the KPCC leadership Team have decided to formally apply for an extension of time to conduct the AGM effectively postponing the AGM currently scheduled for the 20th July. This is in line with the formal options available detailed below.

What does this mean to KPCC and its members between now and the AGM?

  • The current committee will formally apply for an extension to hold the AGM.
  • The current committee will remain in place until such time an AGM is held.
  • Each committee member will remain in the same role with the same responsibilities until such time an AGM is held.
  • The committee will monitor the changing guidelines around COVID -19 distancing rules with a view to reschedule the AGM as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, concerns or require further clarity on this decision/position please feel free to contact a member of the committee to discuss further.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused again

Thank you