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We have received the following advice from Cricket Victoria and the VMCU in relation to use of outdoor cricket nets by the community:

Late this morning the Premier has confirmed that under the “Second Step” in the roadmap for Metro Melbourne, nets can be opened for public use. Great common sense clarity and beneficial over the final week of school holidays. This doesn’t mean training can start, but the community (including cricketers) can use public nets in their area (see details below). 

Under “2nd Step” – Metropolitan Melbourne

– No training sessions can commence.

– A household (or up to 5 people from 2 households) can meet outdoors for exercise or recreation for up to 2 x 1-hour sessions per day – within 5km from home / work. This includes using cricket ovals and nets.

People using the nets should sanitise hands before and after use, avoid sharing any personal equipment and avoid touching the nets (or communal stumps / bins etc). Masks can be lowered or removed when actively bowling (especially pace bowling) and encouraged for use whilst batting (but lowered to under the nose if causing a dangerous visibility risk under a helmet). 

Note the mask advice for Step 2 will be more stringent wording than for Step 3 onwards and these aren’t training sessions and members of the public will lbe more likely to report in Step 2 and they are may be fined for not wearing a mask. There is also more ‘downtime’ in a 1 on 1 type sessions compared to a full training session so the physical exertion test is harder to argue – so mask use is more appropriate in Step 2 that regular step 3 / final step training session. Equipment sharing is allowed when training resumes (not Step 2)

You may like to share the Step 2 information with your community and members – but ensure that the rules are followed.

More as it comes through over the coming days

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