An English import whose age didn’t quite match his hair colour, Andy Barlow arrived at KPCC at the beginning of the 2012/13 season as a Leg-Spinning, Opening Batsman. After not too much inspection, it was realised that Andy was an out and out Opening Batsman, with a strong defence and that his Leg Spin side of the game still needed several years (or decades) to develop.

Although Andy would be the first to admit, he didn’t get the feast of runs he was after while in Australia, his match awareness and understanding of the game was evident. And at the beginning of his 3rd season, was named as Captain of the Club.

Although his strength lay within his batting, it was a magical afternoon at Doutta Stars, when Andy took it upon himself to steam in off the long run and cause havoc with the much-fancied Douttas batting line up. While several key personnel were missing from the match, Andy took 7/50 in the second innings to help claim an unforgettable Outright Victory.

Andy Barlow sends down a thunderbolt for Ainsdale CC

Unfortunately, due to complications, that was the last match that Andy would play for Keilor Park. With his departure at the midpoint of the season a real low light on an otherwise successful stint at the KPCC.

Recently speaking to Andy, he pointed out how far several players had come in their development, and reflected fondly of his time. He also caught us up to speed with his current season.

“I’m now currently in my 15th season for Ainsdale CC in the Liverpool Comp 1st Division. We are 2nd in the league as it stands with 5 games to go. Top 2 go up so massive promotion push! After a 3-year break from the captaincy I’ve ended up taking it over halfway through this year! Reckon we need 3 wins out of 5 to get promotion and probably 5 out of 5 to win the division. Rain frustrating us last 2 weeks as we’ve had 2 abandoned while our rivals have managed to win so a frustrating August so far! Personally, I’ve been horrendous with the bat this season so down in the middle order atm but picked up some important wickets with the ball!

I always keep an eye on KPs results and great to see some of the youngsters (well, they were youngsters when I was there) take on key roles in the side!

Hopefully I’ll get over there sometime in the next year or two!”

In the sheds, Andy is always spoken about in glowing terms, and is definitely remembered for having a positive impact on our Club. Best of luck for the rest of the season, and all the ones ahead AB.